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SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Merk:Elastine , Bio Theraphy , Elastine , Ryo , Reen , Gung
Shampoo andalan Korea dengan kandungan utama ginseng , dan ramuan tradisional korea untuk membuat rambut sehat , lebat dan ternutrisi tanpa rasa lepek

per 7 Juli 2017 

#Theraphy rambut rusak BIO THERAPHY @125/PCs (600ml)
Elastine BIO THERAPY DAMAGED HAIR Conditioner intense smoothing 600ml - kemasan GOLD
Elastine BIO THERAPY SHAMPOO for power & softness 600ml- kemasan UNGU

#Perfume shampoo ELASTINE @125/pcs(600ml)
Elastine perfume shampoo # love me 600ml
Elastine perfume conditioner(o)  # love me 600ml
Elastine perfume shampoo # pure breeze 600ml
Elastine perfume conditioner(o) # purebreeze 600ml

#Shampoo perawatan salon Untuk rambut rusak ELASTINE 125rb/PC (600ml)
Elastine silk repair shampoo 600ml # shining / pink
Elastine silk repair shampoo 600ml # recovery/ orange 

#REEN Shampoo perfume +ginseng  penumbuh rambut 125/PCs(400ml) Shampoo Ginseng , bunga khas kerajaan di Korea , untuk rambut kekurangan nutrisi dan rontok 
ReEn UNGU - untuk rambut rontok
( Boyangjin anti-hair loss shampoo sensitive scalp) –
ReEn  PINK – Nutrisi Ginseng  
(Jayoon Secret Hair Recipe Baekdanhyang Shampoo )

# RYO - red. Yellow . green 145/pc(400ml)
Shampoo Ginseng sebagai anti aging power 
RYO (RED – for damaged hair) hambit shampoo 500ml
RYO (Green – for oily scalp)  cheong-a shampoo 500ml
RYO (YELLOW- for volumizing)heukwoonmo shampoo 500ml

#Shampoo Ginseng sebagai anti aging power dan menumbuhkan rambut , cocok untuk rambut rontok dan bermasalah
#RYO - shampoo ginseng anti aging 
RYO - WHITE -Jinsengbo (Oilyl Scalp) shampoo 400ml
RYO -WHITE - Jinsengbo (Oily Scalp) Conditioner 400ml
RYO- BROWN- Jinsengbo (Dry Scalp) shampoo 400ml
RYO -BROWN- Jinsengbo (Dry Scalp) Conditioner 400ml


Elastine treats your hair like skin

Looking after hair is as important as looking after skin.
Many people used to think cleansing is enough for hair care. Elastine has changed the thought to make people expect hair care should go beyond cleansing.
As a new paradigm in hair care, Elastine has been one of the leading premium hair cosmetic shampoo lines.

The perfect harmony between Beauty and Science

For women who are very concerned with their hair after skin, Elastine delivers tailor-made hair care depending on hair conditions and types.
Now, you can meet two types of Elastine at the same time: One based on progressive hair science created by the cutting-edge technology and accumulated know-how of LG Household & Healthcare Ltd, the other based on beauty concept.
With the perfect combination of beauty and science, Elastine shooting for new, innovative creation offers new version of hair products





Hair loss has become an increasingly common challenge for women of all ages around the world. Ryo was born to help find treatments for challenges such as damaged scalp, dandruff, and dryness. As a premium hair care brand we successfully deliver fundamental nutrients to the hair and scalp through the carefully selected Korean herbal ingredients such as Korean ginseng, green tea, camellia and soybeans. Our shampoos and conditioners use herbal remedies to treat a variety of hair health concerns. Since its first launch, Ryo has continued to grow in popularity and released diverse products such as its Jayangyunmo(anti hair loss and scalp care), Hambitmo(damage care) and Ginsengbo(anti-aging hair and scalp care).